chinese lantern lights outdoor ignore quality hidden fire hazards

    Chinese lantern lights outdoor is a kind of decorative lighting equipment, which includes various products for indoor and outdoor use. The range of use is very wide. With the coming of the Spring Festival, a large number of colored lights will be put on the market.
    However, not all lanterns are produced in compliance with the specifications. Some poor-quality lanterns are covered with plastic that is wrapped around the wires connecting the lanterns. You can see that the wires inside are very thin, so the lantern plug is also very simple. The plug is generally touched by hand, so the two iron pieces are very soft and can be deformed with a pinch.
 Chinese lantern lights outdoor
    Generally, when Chinese lantern lights outdoor are used, they will be wrapped around flammable materials such as branches, decorations, cables, etc. It is easy for children and other groups to touch. Once an accident such as electricity leakage or fire, it will directly endanger the safety of people and property.
    In order to create a strong festive atmosphere and attract customers, some shopping malls, restaurants and other public places usually use colorful decorative lanterns to decorate the surrounding environment. The lanterns may also "flash" out of fire danger.
    If the wires of the lantern are too thin and the number of bulbs is large, the temperature of the wires will rise under long-term lighting conditions, which may cause a fire.
    How to buy holiday lanterns? Presumably, this is a doubt in the minds of many consumers. When choosing and using colored lights, pay attention to the potential safety hazards of the product in terms of protection against electric shock, heat resistance, fire resistance and safety isolation control. Do n’t buy “three-none” products, choose regular brand products; when you choose to assemble products or sealed light string products, you should choose the light string sealed at the port, and do not omit safety parts; Safety Extra Low Voltage Marked (SELV) products.