How are special-shaped colorful lanterns made?

      What is a non-standard special-shaped art shape lamp? This is a kind of cultural and creative product that originated from the night tour economy and ceased to be derived from the art of the colorful lanterns exhibition. Its function is not only used for lighting, but also for night scene art, and can also be used as a prop to play costumes. There are also many varieties in the manufacturing process, which can achieve any desired effect.
colorful lanterns
  Non-standard special-shaped art-shaped lamps and lanterns are custom-made and shaped-shaped lamps that are basically made by using the lantern manufacturing process, using steel and iron art. This process only requires a reference rendering, with dimensions, you can restore 80% of the appearance of the lighting rendering, and because the customization period is short, the cost is relatively low, but there are some defects, that is, the outdoor life is short, the most It does not exceed 1 year, and it is difficult to customize in batches.

If the custom-made non-standard special-shaped art appearance lamps are used indoors and have high requirements for process details, then bamboo and wood can be used. These materials are more suitable for classical places, such as museums, high-end restaurants and cafes. . It can let designers open their minds and customize a variety of non-standard special-shaped art-shaped lamps.

Non-standard special-shaped art shape lamps and some modern technology can also be integrated into non-standard special-shaped art shape lamps and lanterns. For example, PVC, carbon fiber and 3D printing materials, such materials are based on half artificial and half mechanized. Complex manufacturing process, accurate drawing of construction drawings, construction of 3D models to print 1:1 real objects. Because these materials are generally lightweight, they are very suitable for custom-made clothing for night tour activities, and let the staff put them on, which can become a luminous point for walking in the night sky.