How to Hold A Successful Lantern Festival

1. Market investigation
The organizer should fully investigate and analyze the local market before the lantern festival

2. Revenue forecast
(1) ticket sales
(2) total naming fee of the lantern festival
(3) naming fee of lantern group
(4) income of franchise fee (such as: venue and booth rental,food and beverage sales,etc.)
(5) all kinds of advertising revenue in the exhibition
(6) other income from comprehensive utilization and development according to local conditions (such as playground equipment,performance,etc)

3. Expenditure forecast and recommended proportion of investment
(1) Lantern product accounts for 60% of the total investment (including production,shipment,installation,etc)
(2) media publicity accounts for 30% of the total investment (including press conference, posters,advertisements,print and tickets, etc.)
(3) management counts for 10% of the total investment (including salary, office expenses, security, business trip and reception, incidentals , etc.)

4. Determine the theme, time and site of the Lantern Festival

5. Set up a internal work team (communicate and deal with various lantern festival related matters)
The following six basic jobs are required
(1) planning director: responsible for overall planning, arrangement and coordination
(2) artistic director: responsible for quality control and lantern layout
(3) commercial director: responsible for fund raising, business invitation and cooperation, media publicity and activities
(4) financial controller: responsible for financial and ticketing management
(5) logistics: daily work and material storage during the lantern festival
(6) security department: responsible for the security during whole exhibition

6. Fund raising
(1) investment from organizer
(2) multi-party cooperation and joint investment

7. Commission a professional lantern company with overall planning and design, then production and installation
(1)Planning and design 
A complete and perfect design need to incorporate the theme and relevant materials provided by the organizer, the host's folk customs and regional culture, to take into account the investment scale, traffic, fire,security, emergency evacuation etc.
(2)production and installation
Production and installation goes orderly under the coordination and cooperation of internal team and lantern company

8. Business invitation and advertisement
During production and installation investment and other activities were launched.Business invitation and advertisement should be entirely started

9. During the exhibition
Before the exhibition,security department should make security and fire emergency plan to eliminate potential accidents during the exhibition

10. After exhibition
Lanerns are removed. Dismantled Lantern can be sold or be used for next lantern festival. Organizer need to discuss with lantern company secondary installation and maintenance cost