How to make the lantern light festival that can effectively prevent rain?

Many people who have seen the Lantern Festival know that a Lantern Festival cannot end in a day or two. Generally speaking, the Lantern Festival needs to be turned on for many days. If the weather changes and it rains halfway, will the Lantern Festival end?

Of course, this is impossible, because the lantern manufacturers have already taken the waterproofing factor into consideration when making the lantern light festival. Now we can take a look at how the manufacturer solves the waterproofing problem of the lantern light festival. Because many of the lanterns are produced on site, the relevant rain prevention measures are sometimes imperfect. Some large-scale lanterns are basically made in the open air, and the rain prevention measures are relatively lacking during the production. Therefore, it also needs to pay more attention to the rainproof treatment of the colored lights.
tern light festival
There is no need to worry about making the steel frame of the light group in case of heavy rain, because the steel frame will not rust and oxidize when it is rained for a short time, and it will not affect the quality of the light group. However, after the steel frame of the lamp group is completed, it is necessary to apply anti-rust paint in time.

When making the lantern light festival, you need to pay attention to rainproof when installing the bulb, because if the exposed bulb is exposed to rain for a long time, the water will enter the bulb, and once the water enters, the wire of the lantern will be short-circuited, and The light bulbs will also be burned out, which will lead to the failure of the transformer. Therefore, it is necessary to think of a great way to make the light set at this time. Install the colored light bulbs high and the lamp head down, so that it is difficult for water to enter. Inside the light bulb.

Generally, the surface of only colored lights is basically made of colored light-transmitting cloth, which has the characteristics of light, light and water-permeable light transmission, but if it is encountered in a long-term rainstorm, the light-transmitting cloth is likely to be damaged, so it is generally The lanterns are made of corrugated paper when they are clothed, so that the rain water can run away quickly without leaving water.