Introduction of led Chinese lanterns maintenance and reinforcement methods

The strength of steel is higher than other common engineering materials, so the main supporting structure of led chinese lanterns is generally based on steel. In the open-air environment, steel materials may be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, and harmful substances, so they are more oxidized and cause corrosion.

Corrosion may greatly reduce the ability of steel members to resist the load, so LED lanterns can be repaired and reinforced when necessary. Next, we will briefly introduce the methods of repairing and strengthening LED lanterns.

1. Foundation expansion method: The foundation area of ​​the bottom of the LED lantern is increased by setting a concrete sheath or a reinforced concrete sheath to change the uneven settlement of the foundation caused by insufficient bearing capacity due to the small base area of ​​the billboard.

2, pit underpinning method: directly dig a pit under the underpinned foundation and then pour the concrete.

3. Pile type underpinning method: This is a method of strengthening the foundation by setting various types of piles such as static pressure columns, driving piles, cast-in-place piles, etc. on the lower or two sides of the base of the billboard.

4. Grouting underpinning method: Inject chemical slurry evenly into the foundation. Through these slurry, the original loose soil or cracks can be cemented and solidified, so as to achieve further foundation bearing and waterproof and impermeability.

偏 Correction usually uses artificial means to reverse the tilted foundation to achieve the purpose of correcting the tilt of the LED lantern.

The methods for correcting the foundation of billboards are as follows:

1. Forced landing correction method: Take measures to prevent sinking on the multiple sides of the LED lantern foundation subsidence, and use the forced landing measures on the other side. The general forced landing methods include loading steel ingots or stones, constructing cantilever beams, digging the ground and injecting water. Correction and so on.

2. Lifting correction method: Adjust the lifting amount of each part of the billboard to adjust the lifting amount of each part of the billboard to make it rotate along a certain point or a certain direction to achieve the purpose of restoring the original position.