Let me introduce you to the advantages of Lantern

When LED became general lighting, the era of big industry was announced gradually. LEDs in the era of large industries have two major characteristics: first, the concentration will gradually increase, and finally an oligopoly era will be formed, and most companies will die; second, the price will gradually become transparent and "radish cabbage", and profits will inevitably shrink.

   So, which one is more promising, lantern or LED? The key is from which point of view, different angles, and different starting points. For powerful companies, LED lighting is of course more promising, because they will become "leftovers king" oligarchs and outstanding in the era of large industrialization.

   For small and medium-sized enterprises, LED general lighting is destined to be less promising than lantern. LED general lighting companies are dead if they are small, because they can't compete with big companies; if they are big, they are dead because they can't fight the industry oligarchs.

The reason why Lantern is not easy to die is because Lantern has a high degree of personalization, a strong artistic atmosphere, and a large room for free play. The market prospects cannot be underestimated, but it is not easy to expand because large enterprises are disdain to enter; Lantern has a short production cycle and low threshold , With high added value, you can live very well if you don’t do a lot of work; small businesses as long as they are specialized and refined can easily form their own core competitiveness and are not easy to be eliminated; even small businesses are easy to grasp and inherit.

What is the relationship between   lantern and LED is a kind of light source, it is an accessory of lantern. Therefore, Lantern does not contradict the LED itself. The two go hand in hand.