Let's explore the history of lantern-buy traditional chinese lanterns

Lantern, also known as the lantern, is China's popular traditional folk comprehensive handicrafts.Lantern art is also a comprehensive decorative art of the lamp.

The generation of colorful lights, from the human use of fire, the invention of lights, the development of lamps and lanterns.Flintstone people invented the drill wood fire, human lit the fire, lit the torch, the fire, the torch is the origin of the original lamp.

With the development of social productivity, people began to use animals and plants and mineral oil wax as a light lamp."Rites of zhou, si heng" contained "all the major events of the state, for the candle court liao, candle hemp candle", it can be seen that the zhou dynasty had a candle lamp.To the warring states period, the lamp manufacturing process developed vigorously, which is described in qu yuan's "ci of chu" : "the orchid paste bright candle hua copper wrong".The han dynasty was the heyday of copper lamp making."Xijing notes" : "when emperor gaozu of the han dynasty entered xianyang palace, there were five lamps of qingyu in the qin dynasty, seven feet and five inches high.To the tang dynasty, the Lantern Festival put the lights developed into a grand occasion * * * of the lantern city, the capital "for the lamp wheel 20 zhangs high, clothes to jin qi, decorated with gold and silver, burning 50,000 lights, such as a cluster of flowers and trees.After this, all over the lantern activities are particularly popular.In the song dynasty, the flower lamp developed to its peak and its patterns varied."Tokyo dream book" records: bianjing (kaifeng) palace set up a lamp mountain, there are puxian, manjushri Buddha riding a lion, white elephant and other lights.

Let's explore the history of lantern-buy traditional chinese lanterns.

In the thousands of years of guangbo festival Lantern Festival on the land of China, gathered the elegant demeanor of the Chinese lantern culture, since the tang dynasty there has been the custom of the New Year lamp burning, to the qing dynasty there is "lion lantern market", "lantern pole festival";To the beginning of the 20th century, and gradually formed the festival of the Lantern Festival, more put the sky lantern, dragon lantern dance, lion lantern play, lanterns and other activities.Thus the development of a collection of regional folk customs customs of the great festival heard in the sea.According to historical records, the tang and song dynasties had gradually formed the custom of burning lanterns in the New Year and making lanterns before and after the Lantern Festival.During the tang and song dynasties, when the lanterns were put on and burned on the New Year and the Lantern Festival, folk acrobatics, vaudeville and other performances were also performed during the festival.In the second year of chunxi (1175) of the southern song dynasty, lu you, a famous patriotic poet, wrote in his poem "qinyuanchun" : "a farewell to the qin building, turn in the spring, and close to the lantern", which shows that at that time, the lantern has been a custom folk activities.Of course, there is a difference between this and the born lamp.Therefore, the tang and song dynasties should be the embryonic period or initial stage of the Lantern Festival.