Talk about the production and related history of fancy chinese lanterns

       The manufacturing history of fancy chinese lanterns is very long. With the change of different periods, the materials and appearance of making lanterns have changed a lot. For example, from paper, bamboo and satin, modern materials have become plastic, cellophane, acrylic and so on. There are no restrictions on the production of lanterns. There is only one rigid requirement that is light transmission, so even fruits, waste paper boxes, and aluminum cans can be used as materials. Therefore, there are unlimited imagination for the changes of lanterns.
fancy chinese lanterns
        The traditional Chinese zodiac fancy Chinese lanterns generally need to be exchanged with the Chinese New Year. From time to time, many modern new appearances are presented, which can be ranked as the champion of the lantern appearance and get people's love.

        The fancy chinese lanterns that make dragons are the most complicated and complicated ones in the Chinese zodiac lanterns. In ancient times, bamboo lanterns were generally used for lanterns. If you use iron wires to make them, you will find that the structure will be like When building a house, any shape you want can be made of wire, and a wire can distort the shape.

There are many changes in a wire, which is equivalent to speaking in directions. It is not just five lakes and four seas. It is the center of a 360-degree wireless space. It can rotate and bend. This should not be considered to exercise our consideration. simple.