Talking about why electric chinese lanterns do aging test when leaving the factory

       electric chinese lanterns use different shapes and different colors and different electric chinese lanterns light colors and their brightness adjustment. electric chinese lanterns can create a special landscape color, electric chinese lanterns bring a festive atmosphere to the square, green coconut tree electric Chinese lanterns can have a tropical feel by the pool. Different styles and colors can have different theme style colors. Electric Chinese lanterns can be applied to various fields, such as landscape places such as squares, residential areas and public green spaces.
electric chinese lanterns
       Generally speaking, electrical Chinese lanterns are required to undergo more than 24 hours of aging test. Only passing the test can ensure that the electrical Chinese lanterns can be used normally. What would happen if the LED Chinese electric lanterns were not aged for at least 24 hours?

    Most of the newly produced electric Chinese lanterns have complete functions at the beginning of the design, so they can be put into use directly, but why do we need to do aging tests? Product quality theory tells us that most of the product failures occur The initial and final stages are due to the normal life of the product, which is beyond control. The initial stage is controllable and can be controlled within the gate of the factory. The problem is strangling inside the factory.