The life of lantern festival lanterns depends on the material

    Nowadays, there are many types of lantern festival lanterns on the market, and the service life is not the same. Some can be used for a few days, some can be used for several months, and some can even be used for several years, so you should choose according to your needs. Decorative lantern festival lanterns, so according to the length of use and good led modeling lantern festival lanterns manufacturers choose the right product.
lantern festival lanterns
   Lantern festival lanterns have strong Chinese characteristics, which can be used not only outdoors but also indoors. Modern cities use it to decorate and have a unique flavor. High-quality llantern festival lanterns must be safe and reliable, stable in performance, comfortable in color and reasonable in price Features: The shell is made of PC material and acrylic material, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly, and resistant to aging. Even after a long period of wind and rain, it can keep the light and beautiful. This is a feature that other materials do not have. The acrylic shell is bright and beautiful. It is very beautiful with patterns and lantern festival lanterns. The two materials are waterproof. Grades up to IP65

    Lantern festival lanterns are generally applied outdoors. The influence of external factors on lantern festival lanterns is uncertain. The service life of lantern festival lanterns under the influence of external forces may not meet expectations, which is an inevitable thing. So in order to increase the life of lantern festival lanterns, we must pay attention to the maintenance of lantern festival lanterns during the use.