The role of traditional chinese lanterns in environmental locations

       With the development of technology, decorative traditional Chinese lanterns have become more and more beautiful. In daily life, you often see interactive experiences combining water features and traditional Chinese lantern lights. It can beautify city streets, so traditional chinese lantern is an indispensable lighting tool in urban landscaping. It is important for the installation of traditional Chinese lanterns. Mastering its installation skills is a basic condition for normal use.

       Depending on the environment and location where traditional Chinese lanterns are used, the choice of illumination should be appropriate. For example, if there are crowds such as entrances and squares, sufficient lighting intensity is required, and only a few lights are required on quiet walking paths. The unique and artistic traditional Chinese lantern can make the surrounding environment intriguing and charming.

       Traditional Chinese lanterns are generally used as signs and reminders. Certain traditional Chinese lanterns remind you that you are in a park or square. Can form a good route guidance effect at night. Highlight the main landscape at night so as to form a virtual relationship with the surrounding environment, enrich the landscape level at night, and provide a wealth of ornamental interest; even during the day, traditional Chinese lanterns have a high ornamental value.
traditional chinese lantern
       Traditional Chinese lanterns, while displaying modern and exquisite manufacturing techniques, also incorporate many elements with certain local and national cultures, which can not only beautify the lighting environment, but also have great ornamental and use value.