Three key craftsmanship when making colorful chinese lanterns

Colorful chinese lanterns are also called lanterns. Their main purpose is to decorate prayers and festive atmospheres. It continues to be celebrated every Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. The custom-made lanterns are still popular with the public. It is worth mentioning that there are three must-haves when making lanterns. Indispensable key craft!

1. Design of renderings
   The design of colorful chinese lanterns renderings generally needs to be customized according to the customer's local customs, using digital virtual image simulation, sketching the ideas of both parties into an image, so as to provide customers with the visual effects expected to achieve. At present, the mainstream flower lantern rendering design is generally to use Photoshop software to draw two-dimensional images, of course, will also use 3Dmax to draw three-dimensional images.
colorful chinese lanterns
2. Lofting
    Lofting is generally a professional term for the lantern custom industry, which is actually painting. This requires the colorful chinese lanterns structure in the rendering to be painted on the ground with a one-to-one size ratio, and then used by the staff for reference. This is the most important process in the customized production of lanterns, which is related to the final exquisite shape of the lanterns, so this step is a very test of the workers' skill level.

3. Light source device
    As the name implies, colorful chinese lanterns only need lights to look good. The artificial bundling incandescent lamp process used in the custom production of flower lanterns a few years ago. Now with the call for environmental protection and green, most of them have been changed to LED energy-saving lamp strings. Because the size of the light string is large, most positions within the lantern can be used, but some places with too little space need to use neon lights or lights.