What are the conventional materials for colorful chinese lanterns manufacturers?

        Are conventional materials commonly used by manufacturers of colorful chinese lanterns? Lantern materials, lantern materials, lantern festival materials are actually a meaning, mainly used for lantern festival production, lantern production and lantern production. Conventional materials are basically available in the market, except for some special lamp sets, such as medicine lanterns, porcelain lanterns and other special material lanterns, because of the large purchase volume, most of them need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

        According to the size of the colorful Chinese lanterns, the material of the chassis is also different. The small chassis generally uses rectangular tubes, the medium-sized ones use angle steel, the angle steel generally uses 30-angle steel, and the ultra-large ones may use U-shaped Channel steel.

        The colorful chinese lanterns skeleton is the skeleton that needs to be used to support the paper-pasting process. According to the size of the shape, it is generally two materials. The most used is the No. 8 iron wire, followed by the steel bar with a diameter of 6 mm. Sometimes because the skeleton is too large, the center of the skeleton must be strengthened, then you need to add some 30 angle steel in the center of the skeleton or round steel as a support.

        The appearance is generally satin cloth or Bamei satin. The higher-specification lanterns will use high-quality satin cloth as a mounting material. Some large chassis use high-quality Bamei satin as a mounting material. The brightness and gloss of the two materials are very good, and the touch is lubricating. The light transmission is very good, and the gloss can have the effect of silk, which is the only choice for the lantern production company. 

        Different places of use, the fixing material can be freely selected. If you want to be secure, you can use steel ropes and ground expansion screws to fix it. If the ground cannot damage the expansion screws, you can use sandbags to fix it. However, sandbags still need to be used to pull the wire rope for large light units. Another way of fixing is hard support, which is to support the lantern with one or more 50 round tubes behind the lantern. This kind of windproof fixation is not only beautiful but also does not affect the walking of tourists.