What factors do manufacturers need to consider when designing led lights chinese lanterns?

      The production staff of led lights chinese lanterns generally need to move according to the drawings, and then make according to the design drawings. A design error may cause the gap between the finished lantern and the design drawing to be too large, or the installation cannot be performed to the designated location during the installation process.

      In order to avoid major mistakes in the follow-up work, it is generally necessary to understand the situation of the site in advance at the beginning, such as the location of the buried cable, the planning of the fire channel, and then the related design, the design should be based on the size of the site and the route of the fire channel .
led lights chinese lanterns
      When designing led lights chinese lanterns, not only the site factors but also the actual production effect of the lanterns should be considered, and the size to be made by the workers must be accurately marked. Based on the correct design, it is necessary to strictly abide by the design drawings, not to mess up.

      The design of led lights chinese lanterns is actually a comprehensive project, which integrates size, vision, lighting, display density, and color. Therefore, in order to bring better visual effects, attention should be paid to details in the design stage, especially the accuracy of the size ratio.