What safety issues should be paid attention to when making Chinese lantern lights outdoor?

The exhibition production industry is currently very popular. When holding events in many places, colored lights are basically used. The scope of application of colored lights is becoming wider and wider. Then the safety issues that follow will gradually start to appear. The weather in summer is changeable. , So what are the safety precautions for this situation?

When producing Chinese lantern lights outdoor, it is necessary to install a leakage protection switch in the control box of the electrical appliance after the production of each group of colored lights of the electrical appliance control is completed. In addition to this, it is also necessary to use a threading tube to cover the exposed cables. This is to avoid water leakage and accidents caused by ground water during summer heavy rain.
Chinese lantern lights outdoor
In addition, in order to deal with the strong winds that are more likely to occur in summer, the lanterns need to be different from the usual when they are made; especially for the internal steel skeleton, the material specifications are higher, and spot welding cannot be used for welding. In particular, the colored lights with a height of more than 10 meters must be equipped with a lightning protection device. The lightning protection device must be grounded. After the large-sized color lights are installed, the wind rope should be reserved for fixing. First, fix the bottom steel frame with a sandbag, and then use the steel rope to pull the four sides to avoid the strong wind blowing down the lamp group.