Lantern technique and types

Festival lantern began in Tang and Song dynasties in China, developped in Ming and Qing dynasties, blossoms nowadays. colorful and wide variety of Lanterns are arts and crafts with high artistic value. In ancient times people usually used oil paper or silk as the lantern skin, put candles in the middle to heighten festival atmosphere.Through the inheritance and development of past generations of Lantern artists, it has formed a variety of lantern production techniques, and a variety of lantern types.

Lantern Techniques

  • Wire frame lantern: normally small lanterns made of flexible and tenacious metal materials such as iron wire and steel strip.
  • Structure lantern: normally large and oversize lanterns made of firm and tough materials,such as pipe, scaffold.
  • Lightscribe: lantern made of soft LED light bands wound with steel frame.
  • Blow molding lantern: it is a kind of inner light transmittance lantern, which is made by heating glass and cooling.
  • Crystal lantern: the glass bottle filled with various kinds of liquid is used as the main material.
  • Porcelain lantern: it is made of white porcelain and bound by traditional handicraft.

Lantern Types

  • Miniature lantern: lantern set which height less than 5m or length less than 3m.
  • Small lantern: lantern set which height more than 5m, but less than 10m;Or length more than 3m but less than 6m.
  • Large lantern: lantern set which height more than 10m, but less than 30m;Or length more than 6m but less than 25m.
  • Giant lantern: Super large colorful lanterns which height is over 30m, or the length is over 25m.
  • Lantern on land: lantern group installed and displayed on land.
  • Lantern above Water : Lantern sets installed and displayed on the water surface.
  • Landscape lantern: made by countless method into various shapes to create a specific theme and fantasy atmosphere
  • Lighting up lights: to enrich and embellish the night, highlight outline and layers of object attached by soft light strips by spot lights
  • Decorative lantern: attach to buildings or plants, to extend, emphasize, beautify the appearance or content 
  • Float: lanterns installed on a motor vehicle to create a moving interactive theme atmosphere
  • Colorful boat: the boat with creative lanterns to decorate water
  • Lantern door: beautify the gate and road,celebrate the festival or indicate the theme of specific area and enhance atmosphere environment
  • Lantern gallery: beautify the road to celebrate festival, or