Exhibition Condition (for customer reference)


1. Hardware conditions
(1) exhibition location
A. Ground Area: 

the area requirements of different scale of the lantern exhibition are different, the medium-sized lantern exhibition needs more than 20,000 square meters (215278 sq.ft)or more.

Public park is the best choice, there are ups and downs, trees and grass, even better if there are water bodies. It can help to combined lanternts and landscape together to achieve the effect of fusion.Secondly, the open ground will be a good choice, such as stadium, square, etc.Thirdly, large exhibition halls can also hold indoor lantern festivals.The mall building, the square in front of the mall and the space inside can be partly decorated with lantern sculptures
C.Parking lots and public traffic: 

sufficient parking lots should be provided near the selected site. Location with concentrated population,convenient public traffic and Complete supporting facilities have advantages.

(2) power supply:

Generally, the power consumption of a medium-sized lantern festival is around 350kw,of a large lantern festival is over 500kw, of a super large lantern festival is 1000kw. Please  Confirm power supply capacity and whether capacity can be increased if it is insufficient.


2. software conditions
(1) market:
A. Population: urban scale, population, whether it is a tourist destination, population seasonal change, 2-hour traffic area

B. Culture: local and surrounding consumption level, preferences, living habits, festivals, cultural traditions, whether the Lantern Festival has been held before, etc

(2) safety:
The lantern fair is a large and comprehensive mass cultural activity,special attention should be paid to safety. Except for standard operation in design, materials,power utilization,many aspects should be taken seriously, such as

Overall arrangement, tour routes, fire passageway and facilities, safe electricity use,security,emergency medical care,tour inspection during exhibition, broadcasting in the park,safety pre-plan etc.