Our service process:

1. In-depth communication

Understand customer requirements (theme, elements, forms, etc.)

2. Investigation

Arrange professional staff to survey and inspect the exhibition site to get datum to carry out the next work.

3. Planning and design

Professional design team make out exhibition planning and lantern design on datum, constantly improve the design scheme by contacting with customers.

4. Contract signing

After the design scheme and quotation are approved, the contract should be prepared and signed by both parties.

5. Production and test

The process is shown in the production process.

6. Delivery and installation

Lantern parts packed with shelves or bubble film can be transported to the exhibition site by road, sea and railway, then it will be assembled by our workers. 

7. Pre-opening acceptance test

Light up all lantern sets for light source,circuit and load test,for final debugging, to make sure proper operation during whole lantern festival. After Pre-opening test, there is no problem after the test, customer confirm acceptance.

8. Exhibition service

We will arrange the exhibition keeper to check and maintain the lantern sets, to carry out the effective emergency disposal anytime.

9, Dismantle exhibition 

After the exhibition, all the lantern sets will be removed to restore exhibition location back.

In addition, we offer different ways of cooperation, like joint investment, joint operation, etc, to meet the different needs of customers! Welcome interested customers to visit and consult!